Healthy sleep – the basic prerequisite of high spirit and excellent body tone for successful day. 

Healthy sleep – the basic prerequisite of high spirit and excellent body tone for successful day.

Experience in selection combinations of top quality materials together with the latest technologies provides the basic value of mattresses produced by Straubek Furniture, in order to be able with a confidence to offer you the best. Manufacturing of mattresses – very careful handwork which is accomplished by experienced and resposible company team.

We are awaiting you in Brīvības street 197, in order to test different types of mattresses and to hit for yourself the favorite item or we shall design the product according your wishes and medical requirements.

The offer of mattresses in the shop.



Mattresses on the base of the pocket springs’ block


Our – the highest rated mattresses – on the base of pocket springs’ block 

Improved air flow

Balanced body support zones

Straight back and muscle tone – they provide  the best night sleep for a still better next day.

ORTO mattresses on the porolon foundation


The most demanded mattresses with High orthopaedic  qualities

Well breathing and durable, strong foundation

Excellent support

Additional layers cause forth breathing and othopaedic properties thus ensuring optimal backbone alignment

Children and Teenager Mattresses



Infants spend much time sleeping. Their sleeping place will influence babie’s health, correct posture and babie’s development.

For infants more suitable there are more rigid mattresses with good air permeability, thus maintaining muscle tone and backbone. 

Ecologically safe, with natural content. Suitable fillers – coconut fibers, latex.

Surface Mattress


Excellent approach for improvement and supplementation of mattresses’ qualities as well as for the aims to protect  higienically and to prolong the service life.

Recommendations how More Easy to Choose Appropriate Mattress:

- Rigidity/Ergonomic Propertie

- By choosing a mattress, the most important rule – to test different types of mattresses in order to find for you the most comfortable one:

- It can be as rigid, as well as soft

- The mattress rigidity is deterrmined by the soft/rigid material layers which in combination with the blocks of pocket springs form 3 mattresses of differrent rigidity.

- From the viewpoint of a straight back and health, the most recommendable approach would be to choose a mattress as rigid as possible with breathing coconut layers which - thanks to their orthopaedic properties – are holding the backbone straight, as well as due to excellent air permeability allows for the body to get the freshness feeling during the whole sleeping  time. If, however,  a favorite is  a more soft mattress, then we recommend the latex layer above the coconut or the latex above matrress  as a good choice. Also the people after the backbone injuries or lying people definitely should not choose the above layer of matrress to choose of porolon or of soft latex. The rigid coconut layer  would be the most suitable in this case./Recommendation from the health doctor, osteophate, physiotherapist, the sport couch Nikolaj Strigin.

- If the sleepers  have large weight differen.ce, we advise to choose more rigid mattress on the foundation of the block of pocket springs and to cover with a more soft topper matrress. Thus, this combination will provide full-fledged comfort for both sleepers.

- Breathing

It is essentially that mattresses should contain breathing, ventilating and antibacterial layers being different for various mattress’ types. By choosing a reciprocal mattress with a wool or cotton-wool layer under its cover, you have a chance to get in the heating mattress in the winter  time and and a more cool mattress in the summertime. These layers could be chosen also for a mattress topper.

- Mattress Topper – Yes or No???

The most important functions of the mattress topper – to protect the mattress from the hygienic viewpoint and to prolong  its service life. This also can improve ergonomical properties of the mattress.

If you have bought  a mattress, but it nevertheless is too rigid or too soft, you can change the rigidity of this base mattress and improve its ergonomic properties.

If you have chosen a soft mattress and next to you often are sleeping children, we advise to lay down the child on a rigid mattress

topper. This will ensure for the child a straight backbone during the sleeptime and will not cause its deformation.

The Manufacturing Process of Mattresses

In the production of each our mattress there is invested a huge amount of careful handwork being accomplished by the cohesive team – STRAUBEK company. The mattress layers of our production , thanks to their correct interaction, create an excellent tandem of orthopaedic features, which in the course  of their mutual supplementing provide action of each layer.


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